Swallow Holes talk

Peter Brown, author of “The Vanishing River of Box Hill” gave us a talk last Saturday on swallow holes and the River Mole. He used historical images and LIDAR topographical maps to illustrate his talk on this interestingly mysterious subject.  The talk was given on Zoom and recorded.  If any member of the Friends of Box Hill would like to see the talk then a link is available.  Please contact us via the Contact page of the website if you would like to receive the link.

2021 Zoom AGM

Our 2021 AGM was held via Zoom, and was extremely well attended by about 50 Friends as well as several NT staff.   All the Agenda motions were voted on and passed unanimously by Zoom poll, including the re-election of the current committee for the coming year.

NT staff gave their views of the very tough events of the past year, having to cope with thousands of extra visitors whilst going through a redundancy and restructuring exercise.  Hopefully, once all the posts in the revised organisation are filled then the coming year will see a return to a more normal running of Box Hill, a renewed focus on conservation and visitor enjoyment, and a less stressful time for NT staff.

The minutes of the AGM are available here.

New for 2021

We’re starting a Twitter feed for 2021 to help keep everyone up to date with what’s going on at Box Hill and with wider news of relevant conservation issues.  See the feed on the right hand side of our website or follow us on Twitter @BoxHillSurrey.

Spring 2020 Newsletter

The FOBH newsletter for Spring 2020 has been sent to all members and is now available on the website under Useful Documents.  Not surprisingly in these unusual times there is not a lot to report, but there is a summary of how NT are managing Box Hill during the lockdown.

Many of you can’t visit Box Hill but if you live close you may be able to see Box Hill in the distance and if you would like to take a photo of your view of Box Hill during the lock down please email it to us and we will publish it either on the website or through Instagram.

Some of our members have also been lucky enough to be able to take their daily exercise on Box Hill and have sent in their photos which we will also publish from time to time, including this lovely one of bluebells sent by NT’s Roger Grunsell.