Conservation News June 2015

Spring 2015-3Spring and early Summer means nesting birds so the volunteers conservation efforts are restricted.  That doesn’t mean no work – far from it – as the work now focusses  on lots of small scale scrub clearance where no birds are affected and general clearing up and maintenance.  The volunteers have been busy across the hill, on Dukes, Lodge Hill, Lower Viewpoint, and last week on Juniper Top where we were joined by a very enthusiastic group of volunteers from RBI (Reed Business International).

It’s the time of year when the conservation work really shows results, with orchids appearing all over the hill and butterflies beginning to emerge.  A walk last Sunday revealed Man orchids, Bee orchids, Common Spotted orchids, Fragrant orchids and more, with sightings of Marbled Whites and the very rare Small Blue.  Keep a look out and let us know what you see.

Spring 2015-2Spring 2015

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